At The Fiddes Group, we understand that being able to give something back to the community is an important part of life and makes us feel good. And when we feel good about our lives, and ourselves, we enjoy and are stimulated by our work.


The Fiddes Group is proud to support:

Disabled Winter Sports: Coming from a family of lifelong skiers The Fiddes Group is dedicated to enabling people of all abilities enjoy the thrill of skiing, snow sports and the beauty of alpine areas. 

FareShare: it is important to balance lives with indoor and outdoor pursuits, intellectual, creative and physical activities. What they all have in common is the human connection.  The Fiddes Group is delighted to support FareShare and their Community garden providing fresh foods for people less fortunate.   

Falls Creek Race Club: As a youngster Nyree was introduced to the thrill of ski racing at Falls Creek. The Fiddes Group is proud to support the Falls Creek Race Club in bringing that thrill to the next generation of skiers. 

St Kilda Mums: where new and pre-loved baby goods and nursery equipment is re-homed to families in need.   St Kilda Mums give the items to people who are facing a variety of challenges, wanting them to feel uplifted when they receive a donation.  “We see it as giving a gift, packed with love to provide practical support and show that people care about them”. As parents, The Fiddes Group is proud to support St Kilda Mums.